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« Teach you how to identify low quality artificial stoneThe ground should not be all paved marble, to prevent overweight »

Three points tell you how to identify the appearance of marble quality

Marble as a high-grade decorative stone, the purchase must be careful to identify the appearance of marble quality from the following several hands:

(1) to determine the pattern tone in the light of the conditions, the selected plate and the same batch of other to buy the marble plate at the same time on the ground, standing at their distance 1.5m carefully visual. Require the same batch of marble plate pattern tone should be basically reconciled.

(2) check the surface defects in the light conditions, the plate will be flat on the ground, standing from the marble sheet lin observation of the visible defects that there is no defect; standing from the plate lin visible at the 1.sin No obvious defects are no obvious defects; standing from the plate 1. sin obvious defects that are flawed. 'The specific observation of the defect is i plate warpage; plate surface with or without cracks, trachoma, heterochromatic spots, stains and depression phenomenon exists. If the above-mentioned defects are not obvious, there is no obvious flawed angle, then the plate can be identified as a level Product; if there are several defects but does not affect the use, and the front of the plate is only 1 head is not greater than 8mm, width is not greater than 3mm missing edge or length, width is not greater than 3mm angle, you can determine the plate for the qualified The The plates are damaged during transport and handling, and can be bonded (for ruptured plates) or repaired (for edges and corners, potholes or pits). But the bonding, repair the front does not allow obvious traces of color to be close to the front color.

(3) View the markings of the marble plate order: naming, classification, size, grade, standard marble plate naming order: Huangliao origin name, pattern color feature name, marble (code-named M). Marble board is divided into two categories: the general type plate (code N): for the square or rectangular plate; shaped plate (code S): for other shapes of the plate. Marble board has three grades: excellent (code-named A), first-class goods (code-named B) and qualified products (code-named C). The grading is based on the allowable deviation of the dimensions of the plate, the allowable limit tolerance, the allowable limit tolerance, the appearance quality, and the specular gloss. For example, the use of Beijing Fangshan white marble blocks production of the general specifications of the size of 600mmX 400mmX 20mm first-class plate named: Fangshan white marble marble, marked as: Fangshan white marble (M) N 600X400X20BJC79 marble sheet at the factory should be noted : Manufacturer name, trademark, mark. So by looking at the mark, you can understand the overall appearance of the quality of the plate.

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