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Teach you how to identify low quality artificial stone

With the continuous expansion of the artificial stone market, as well as the relevant national quality standards have not yet introduced, and now artificial stone products in the national brand gradually increased, fake and shoddy is also endless. One is fake well-known brands, some manufacturers joint use of consumer products do not understand, for the well-known brands on the market, through counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, to impersonate the real goods. The use of manufacturers on the market management lax, to the quality of the card is not to the customer or do not paste security, gold and other means to achieve the purpose of deception; one is the direct use of consumer unfavorable psychological, local and foreign some illegal manufacturers landed, In the case of product quality is not the case, the industrial resin instead of methyl methacrylate, with calcium carbonate instead of aluminum hydroxide, at very low prices impact on the market. Now on the market retail more than 300 yuan per meter of artificial stone mostly so, these products without any quality and after-sales guarantee, easy to break, deformation, fade, and even toxic.

Another factor that hinders the use of artificial stone is human factors. As the artificial stone production process is very different, performance, features are not exactly the same, so the above-mentioned advantages are not the performance of the artificial stone you buy. Currently on the market of imported artificial stone in the performance is better. Such as imported artificial stone allows sanding the surface of the scratches, the user to deal with it is no longer obvious, and many domestic artificial stone is clearly not, the more polished the more rotten. Buy artificial stone, it is best to take a model for bad test, such as pouring soy sauce or oil and the loss test. The same time as

Authentic: generally have ISO series of international quality system certification and related inspection reports, the use of pure methyl methacrylate and aluminum hydroxide as raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, good processing, easy to break, the use of high-grade or imported pigments, visual color pure Natural, texture, large-scale imported equipment assembly line production, quality and stability, the batches of small color, fine particles, hand touch silk feeling, resistance to ultraviolet light performance, the use of non-fade, a standardized market sales network, To ensure that products are anti-counterfeit signs, maintenance manuals and product quality assurance, 10 to 15 years of quality assurance commitment, the market price of 350 yuan -800 yuan / m or so, some imported artificial stone prices higher.

Low-grade industrial resin and calcium carbonate as raw material, toxic smell, poor processing, easy fracture deformation, the use of low-grade paint, visual color opacity dark, the surface of plastic glue texture, small equipment or soil-based equipment, Quality is not stable, batches of large color, material particles larger, hand touch a rough feeling, light resistance is not good, generally a year or two began to fade, generally rely on shop sales, market price confusion, generally less than 350 yuan / m , In the specific purchase process, refer to the following tips:

A look: visual samples of pure color is not cloudy, the surface is not similar to the plastic plastic texture, the back of the board without small pores.

Second smell: nose smell no pungent chemical smell.

Three touch: hand touch the surface of the sample has a sense of silk, no astringent sense, no obvious sense of uneven.

Four strokes: with the nail to scratch the surface of the plate, no obvious scratches.

Five touch: the same two pieces of each other percussion, not broken.

Six check: check the product with or without ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, with or without product warranty card and related security signs.

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