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Stone table maintenance techniques and methods

Stone use more and more widely, and now people in the home improvement in the use of more and more stone, table applications include not only from the original kitchen countertops, washbasin, to the current windowsill, table, table and bar countertops, everywhere stone Embellishment application. But the stone in the durability also need to protect, stone as our skin, maintenance is very important. Xiaobian today to talk about those stone table maintenance techniques and methods.

1, to keep the daily clean and clean

Whether it is hard texture of the granite or texture of the soft marble are not resistant to sand and soil particles of long-term wear and tear, daily cleaning can use dust or electrostatic mop to do a good job of dust and clean work, to avoid a lot of water to clean; Commercial space entrance is best to place the dust pad, to avoid the shoes with sand abrasive wear stone, reduce the difficulty of daily cleaning.

2, immediately remove the pollution

Marble is a natural product, all the stone has natural pores, daily pollution sources such as tea, coffee, soy sauce, edible oil, ink, fruit juice, such as not clear, easy to penetrate into the inner stone, causing deep pollution. Can be used professional anti-fouling detergent in a timely manner to prevent stains into the stone caused by the stain can not be removed.

3, choose the right cleaning agent

Stone is afraid of strong acid and alkali It is well known that clean stone can not quickly ignore the composition of cleaning agents. General cleaning agents are containing acidity, if the use of unknown ingredients for a long time cleaning agent, will make the surface of the stone luster loss, or even disease may occur.

4, protection is very important

To maintain the most beautiful side of the stone, blocking the penetration of water and pollution sources, must be regularly protected. After the protection of stone construction must be able to maintain the permeability of stone and waterproof, anti-fouling. Can not use the unknown protective agent, so as not to not achieve the protective effect, but increased the difficulty of stone maintenance.

Natural stone needs smooth air breathing, should avoid the long-term surface of the stone covered with carpets or other debris, or moisture under the stone can not be easily caused by evaporation of the pores are too heavy moisture, increased water content will produce disease problems. If you must lay the carpet, stacking debris, please from time to time to the stone fresh air.

Of course, just by daily dust, cleaning is not able to keep the stone shiny does not fade, be sure to regularly ask professional stone maintenance personnel to do maintenance and gloss regeneration of the maintenance work. Such as: the use of crystalline liquid to recrystallize the marble surface, or the use of polished powder to restore the marble luster, or the use of breathable luster protective agent, etc., so that the beautiful stone as long as new.

Humidity is also an important factor affecting the appearance of stone, water vapor will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of stone, resulting in water spots, whitening, weathering, denudation, rust and other diseases, so the indoor stone to maintain ventilation and dry.

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