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The advantages and disadvantages of the stone countertops

The stone countertops are one of the most popular countertops for today's kitchens. The stone is mixed with more than 90 percent of the rock particles.

How is the stone countertops made

Stone, also known as synthetic stone, recycled stone, engineering stone. It is made of natural marble scrap, stone powder as the main raw material, but also can add mosaic, shell, glass and other materials as embellishment to organic resin as cement, by vacuum mixing, high pressure oscillation made square, and then through room temperature curing (curing Time in more than 7 days), sawing, grinding, polishing and other processes made of sheet metal.

The advantage of the stone countertops

Strength and durability: the stone is very durable, although they are not as strong as natural rocks. If you take appropriate maintenance, the table can continue to use for decades. The stone countertops are heavier and harder than the granite countertops, but it is more flexible. It is also easier to install, handle and maintain. Even in the daily industrial use it can also be resistant to fracture and any damage.

Scratch-resistant: Stamp table with scratch-resistant, sharp objects such as stainless steel knife, cups, ceramic pots and so on. Of course, when cutting the best use of wood chopping board, directly on the surface of the stone table used in the knife, it is easy to make the knife blunt.

Heat resistance and resistance to burning: Gang stone countertop pot, pot and other heat can be as high as 350 degrees. However, if you wish to extend the life of the engineering stone countertops, you should use a mat or tripod to reduce the heat.

Maintenance-free: The stone countertops are easy to maintain and clean. Its rugged and non-porous surface makes the high gloss can last for years. Unlike granite countertops, it does not need to be sealed. Clean stone countertops only need warm water and pH neutral soap.

Hygiene and antifouling: As the surface of the stone table no holes, so no material can penetrate, will not produce mold and bacteria. It can also withstand oil, wine, acid, alkali caused by stains.

Extensive pattern and color options: A variety of colors and patterns are available. Some patterns imitate real things. Depending on the preferences of the style, this style will accompany you for many years.

The shortcomings of the stone countertops

Uniform appearance: stone countertops in the color, style, beauty and other aspects of the lack of natural flavor.

Visible seams: As the stone countertop is usually made of a combination of slate. The front edge of the table can clearly see the seam. Of course, the dark stone countertops are not so obvious.


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