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The classification of Parquet


1. According to the geometric shape of the parquet: rectangular, square parquet; round parquet, oval parquet; fan parquet; is a polygonal parquet.

Parquet, parquet, parquet, parquet, parquet, parquet, piano bar parquet; living room, restaurant parquet; entrance parquet; bathroom parquet; stairs and step parquet.

3. According to the processing of materials: marble parquet, granite parquet, artificial stone parquet, mixed material parquet.

Mixed material parquet: parquet made of different materials. Marble + granite parquet, marble + artificial stone parquet, artificial stone + artificial stone stone parquet, marble + metal parquet, marble + tile parquet, marble + shells.

4. According to the processing difficulty division:

Difficult to parquet: pattern complex, difficult processing of the parquet.

Moderate difficulty parquet: more complex patterns, processing more difficult parquet.

The general difficulty of parquet: pattern is not complicated, the processing technology is not difficult to parquet.

Simple difficulty parquet: simple pattern, simple processing of the parquet.

5. According to the processing equipment and process division

Hand parquet: purely rely on manual processing from the processing of the parquet.

Waterjet machine parquet: by the water knife cutting parquet accessories, made by the artificial processing of the parquet.

Curve machine parquet: cut by the curve cutting machine parquet, made by the artificial processing of the parquet.

Single cutting machine or bridge cutting machine parquet: from a single cutting machine or bridge cutting machine parquet accessories, made by the artificial processing of the parquet.

6. Divide by parquet surface

Mirror parquet: parquet surface done mirror treatment, the luminosity is higher than 90 ° parquet.

Smooth parquet: parquet surface brightness higher than 80 ° parquet.

Matte parquet: parquet surface luminosity less than 60 ° parquet.

Resin face parquet: the surface made of resin surface treatment of the parquet, this parquet surface covered with a layer of resin.

A parquet of flat, rough, burnt, or chopped ax, or pickled, or steel, or sandblasted, or washed with water, or parquet.

7. According to the processing process

Seamless processing technology parquet, a sewing process parquet, water knife machine parquet, hand parquet.

8. By product

A parquet that is machined on an arc plate.

Mosaic parquet: mosaic processing process of parquet

Three-dimensional parquet: three-dimensional parquet, in the vertical direction of the plate surface changes in the parquet.

Plate parquet: with the plate processing of the parquet, a flat, three-dimensional three-dimensional parquet.

Solid pillar parquet: parquet on a solid pillar.

Tie: width less than 300, for the wave of the line of parquet.

Embossed parquet: belong to a three-dimensional parquet of a type, and embossed effect of the parquet.

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