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Marble culture stone slate three kinds of home decorative materials

With the trend of change, stone in the home decoration is no longer a foil. Use properly to beautify the environment, highlight the home taste. Different materials, color, shape the use of stone, can bring room for the natural echoes with the special visual effects and feelings.

An example of the minimalism of marble

Decoration Recommended land: floor of living room, TV backdrop, bathroom wall, floor, cupboard and bathroom cabinet countertops.

Features: Marble texture fine, changing patterns, bright color, easy processing and polishing, but the hardness is low, wear resistance than granite poor.

Usage: In the home, marble is generally used in the space area is relatively large areas, such as villas, single-family, thermocline, the wall to have a certain load-bearing, because the marble itself is relatively heavy, in large areas, need to consider Wall and floor load-bearing, when doing local embellishment, mainly for the TV on the background wall, there are sound effects.

Cultural stone off care appliances exquisite sense

Decor Recommended land: living room, balcony, TV wall.

Features: cultural stone unique plate-like structure - sheet. The sheet is not only easy to split, and the splits of the rock surface texture is rich, can be made into a sheet, for mosaic wall. It has a good hardness.

Category: There are natural and man-made points. Natural culture stone varieties include pebbles, sandstone, quartz plate and so on. Artificial culture stone is a natural culture stone for the mother, with inorganic materials made from casting.

Usage: In the modern home decoration, the designer more recommended TV background wall selection of rough texture of the stone inlaid, so that both sound absorption, and thickened the wall, reducing the sound on the other room space, and can contrast The design of a unique modern home appliances exquisite sense of the formation of a strong texture contrast. If the living room space is larger, can also be used to produce a rich culture of classical style of the theme of the wall, so that the living room decoration in the exquisite showing a trace of random. Or in the balcony to create a far pastoral style of the corner.

Buy: high-quality stone surface, corners cut neat no angle, hand touch no rough feeling. In the purchase of cultural stone, we must pay attention to product testing reports, only A class of stone is suitable for indoor use.

Slate fashion influx of people's favorite

Decor Recommended land: outdoor ground, living room wall and ground, bathroom.

Features: a plate-like structure, durable and natural with a natural sense of heaven.

Category: floor, tile board, wall panels, countertops. Usage: This material is relatively rugged, generally used in larger areas, can be used for flooring and part of the wall decoration, small areas can only be used as embellishment.

Buy: high-quality slate, will not contain too much variegated, and the color distribution is relatively uniform, there is no sudden concentration of pale phenomenon, touch the surface of the slate no rough feeling. When buying slate should pay special attention to the standard value of radioactive, according to national standards, in the use of Class A stone.

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