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Newstar 15th Anniversary Celebration

                             Newstar 15th  Anniversary  Celebration

18th May, 2002, doomed to be a common, while the remarkable day, for Newstar Stone international department has set up. 18th May, 2017,Newstar Stone founds for 25 years, also, is the international department is 15 years old.Time flies, during this 15 years, Newstar international team always keep their abounding enthusiasm to serve every customers and help them to solve every questions.


  In spite of all sales from international department are ladies, as Chinese saying, ‘Ladies are as excellent as man’, so does Newstar international lady team! We keep learning in order to equip ourselves, when our customers need help, we can help them to solve in the shortest time; we keep full enthusiastic and patient to serve every customers, and help to choose the most suitable products for customers; we keep competing to promote ourselves, and show the best parts for every customers.


As we all know, no pain, no gain. During serving for customers, Newstar international team get knowledge for the products, more opportunity to talk with customers from all aver the world, what is more, the sincere friendship from every customers. Today, the flowers, gifts and applause are belongs to you every excellent sales.

  Taking this opportunity to Newstar international department 15-years-old birthday, let’s enjoy the delicious food and drink, raise your glass, toast with your partners, your friends, to celebrate this memorial day, and wish we will celebrate Newstar international 16-year-old birthday, 20-year-old birthday, even 100-year-old birthday together.

Newstar international team promise to serve every customers better, no matter what, satisfaction from customers are our persistent encourage and power, not only before, not only now, not only future, for forever.



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