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Professional advice on the design of stone furniture

Slightly embellishment will be vista

May be the usual deal with the stone more reason, I have a kind of natural feeling of this material, it does not require complex processing technology, alone their own patterns, you can give all kinds of beautiful experience.

I personally prefer the color of the deep stone furniture, such as Hongfengyu, palace jade, they show the sound is like a cultural accumulation, and sometimes people elusive, and sometimes the peak turn, vista.

However, although very fond of, but I still do not recommend the use of stone furniture in the space is too frequent, can be dinette or coffee table slightly embellished, or prone to cold feeling, lack of warm atmosphere at home.

Stone furniture with wood products the best

In recent years, stone furniture is very popular with large family home, they are heavy atmosphere, with the words of the literary world, that is, "can withstand Taiwan." Selection of stone furniture, the most critical is to match with the overall style, such as sandstone can be used for modern style or Jane European style, and the color of the deep jade furniture, in the Chinese environment there is a steady effect.

Stone furniture in the jewelry selection is also more stress, marble can be equipped with solid wood products, sandstone with glass jewelry has a good reflection effect. Ceramics and stone do not match, it is recommended that consumers avoid the choice. Need to be reminded that, because the stone furniture hard and heavy, so if the family has a very young children, taking into account the use of security, it is best not to choose.

The strength of the stone to make home atmosphere tough atmosphere

Natural: the choice of stone furniture, is to see its natural natural lines. Pink purple jade, pure crystal stone, deep red and phoenix jade, dark yellow rosin jade, stone complex intricate court jade, as well as the Spaniards in order to protect the trees, and come to the expensive alternatives to marble ... ... Each material has its own can not copy the "appearance", therefore, also show a different temperament.

Heavy: the weight of stone furniture has two meanings, one is the weight, the use of stone design chairs, usually moving are some strenuous, not to mention those slate dining table, I am afraid that two or three Han can move; Rough, due to the stone "masculine" full of characteristics, stone furniture reflects the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the atmosphere.

Cool: This is a very occasional characteristics, if you feel that rattan furniture is not easy to care, bamboo furniture, comfort is not enough, then this summer, you can move Zhang Sangyu jade seat back cool. After grinding, and waterproof anti-fouling treatment, stone furniture, the surface smooth and bright, resembles "acrylic" texture, Icy cool touch is to let the heat away to death.

Simple: As the stone texture hard, cutting difficult, so most of the stone furniture in the shape will not have deliberately changed, but rather simple and smooth lines. This point, so that stone in the "traditional" under the mask, bring out a few simple modern atmosphere. However, in order to pursue the artistic effect, some small pieces of work still use the handicrafts of the difficult craft. Terrain Jade Bedside Sleeping.

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