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Choose the granite floor tiles need consider its advantages and disadvantages

Granite is considered a symbol of wealth, taste and beauty, but it is not very expensive. It is widely used, can be used for walls, countertops, flooring, etc., it is inherently durable and versatile. However, despite its good character, some people are still skeptical about the use of granite in the bathroom. Why use or why not use them? The following are some of the main considerations.


Affordable: Although they have a luxurious appearance, but they have a high economic value. It is not only reasonable price, but also value for money, it is very wear and tear. Therefore, its life is very long, sustainable use for decades.

Scratch-resistant: they are made of very hard material, scratches will not cause damage to it. So even if you want to scrub the walls, you do not have to worry about scratching the surface. In fact, the hardness of granite is second only to diamonds. In addition, granite has a high heat and pressure resistance, which makes it an ideal material for the bathroom wall.

Low water absorption: Because the granite is basically not the nature of the stone, so their water absorption is low. Therefore, it is not necessary to seal, especially the dark floor tiles.


Available colors are limited: each brick is unique, but it is available to choose the color is limited, only those natural colors. If you love the walls of the bathroom or the color of the desktop, then you will find the optional color and design is too limited.

Easy slippery: As with other materials, granite absorbs moisture and becomes slippery. If there is a danger in the installation of granite in a wet place such as a bathroom floor, This is also why granite is not as useful as some other natural stone as a major reason for swimming pools and spa floors. In contrast, granite is generally used for walls.

The price is more expensive: in the decoration, the floor is also need to put a lot. As a result, granite may overestimate the budget, but as we have mentioned before, most people are now able to afford it.

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