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Stone waxing and crystallization of the difference between

The stone floor is essential for modern decoration of the main material, especially the characteristics of natural stone in its natural appearance by the majority of consumers are pro-gaze. But almost all natural stone, no matter how careful use, after a period of time there will be varying degrees of scratching, but slowly lost its luster, a great impact on the original appearance of the stone surface. Replacement or refurbishment of a costly, if the ground is not particularly serious injury should not take more than practice.

Wax as the first generation of stone care, is still widely used. This technique depends on water capacity up low molecular weight plastic material, the stone surface coverings to protect the substrate. Hardness of the bottom, easy to change, require regular polishing fill wax, costly resources, but also in the process every time you wax containing alloy sand black wax from the pad, serious injury to the stone surface, and high solvent strongly alkaline wax from the water into the stone to the formation of cracks. First-generation technology with the development of new technologies will reduce the use.

Marble, granite and other crystalline operating procedures

Recycling powder materials: stone, high-gloss mirror

The role: applied to the marble mirror crystal hard processing, to protect the stone surface is not generally scratch, maintain a bright mirror, waterproof, anti-corrosion, easier than waxing care.

This product is for wet operation, recycled stone high gloss crystal surface in the shortest time for processing stone surface due to wear caused by the tarnished.


1) does not produce steel cotton caused by the stone surface scratches

2) does not make the stone surface discoloration or leave a yellow rust

3) stone surface bright water, rich layering of

4) low cost, the province, the provincial labor

5) prevent stains depth inner layer of stone, enhanced anti-wear, scratch and other effects


1) Use the washing machine first marble surface thoroughly cleaned

Crystalline powder 2) with pure water transferred into a paste, applied to the grinding pad.

3) the use of 175 rev / min wiping machine weight 45KG start grinding during operation to keep the ground moist.

4) When the marble surface to form a high-gloss crystal surface, suction machine, siphoning off the ground residue paste.

5) over the water dry.

6) with a polishing pad polishing, so that the ground is completely dry, bright as a mirror. Crystallization and waxing

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