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Classification of the natural stone paving

Classification of the natural stone paving stone Sandstone paving stone slate paving stone, granite paving stone, limestone pavement.Granite paving stone: granite pavers,the range is the most widely used, almost covering All the places of use, demand is also the largest, and more than 90% the needs for ground floor. Sandstone paving stone: sandstone paving stone, decorative effects, color-rich, natural environment,mainly used for the laying of the parks, gardens, walkways, tourist areas and other places. Slate paving stone: slate paving stone, decorative style, simple nature, But color less, mainly black, brown, rust and green. Slate floor is mainly used in Parks, plazas, sidewalks, courtyards, and other places. Limestone pavement: t limestone pavement, and the natural environment, the broad range of applications. Which our country has a green-gray limestone - also known as bluestone, color and environmental non-Often co-ordination, high hardness, good machinability,huge production, cheap and very smooth in the international Sales, the annual export volume is very large, good reputation . By the use of place and purpose,Mainly divided into: square stone, road stone, garden stone, ditches stone, Blind Stone. Square brick paving stone: natural stone processed into the small size of stone products (100X100mm,100x200mm, or some of the small size of the hexagon, diamond, fan, etc.), dedicated pavement Square, courtyard, Parks and other outdoor flat ground. Its material, basically the same varieties, colors, origin and stone works plat .The granite mainly ,limestone, slate or sandstone also to do. Stone square mostly brick industry, light colored products (known as the main colors, black, red tones, see (called color products.Color products are generally more upscale and luxurious varieties. Road paving stone: mainly used as a floor covering of the aisle, road traffic channel; driveway stone thicker granite ground floor, generally in the 800- 120mm thick,Than the monotonous color is mainly gray, dark gray or black- way street of stone is generally 30-50mm thick stone,Of choices is relatively wide, granite, slate, sandstone, limestone and others have the choice of colors will be more. Garden paving stone: the stone pavement to the laying of parks, gardens and other garden spaces non-Square, is more than one some processing of the unique stone surface, at the same time the materials used up to granite, slate, sandstone, limestone .And so on are very common. Design, color, and overall style are relatively natural, casual. Ditch paving stone: is devoted to the laying of cover under the gutter, drainage married trench paving stone, mostly produced by the granite class pavement there will be some water holes or drains, and other special design. Blind: also known as Blind stone paving stone, is used to laying specifically for blind people to walk the road, mostly granite, the Ministry of points are also useful for limestone, sandstone is relatively rare.

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