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Alert: chemical pollution to the stone will fall ill


Stone often contaminated because of the corrosive chemicals, not in time, there will be water spots, rust, efflorescence, discoloration, organic matter pollution.

There are complex reasons for water spots, is generally believed that the higher the water absorption of stone, stone protection did not do a good job

The emergence of rust of iron in the actual composition of the rock is the result of oxidation.Rock iron to ferrous iron are present, but the ferrous iron is unstable, and react with oxygen in the air, into ferric iron, forming iron oxide.

Stone color seen in the chemical stability of the stone varieties, will appear during the installation of stone walls from top to bottom and gradually turn yellow over time, the entire wall completely yellow. Travertine chemical stability itself backward, the air of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and lime will react with calcium oxide in central China, in particular, the resulting sulfide must be yellow and white stone. Again, the construction process, coatings and adhesives contain a large number of volatile, these volatiles will react with the stone, the stone of poor chemical stability such an impact.

Efflorescence phenomenon in stone after installation of the wet paste more. In fact many sources of alkaline substances from the bonding material, if the use of hanging the construction process will not appear on the pan base, the same, hanging process would not have water spots.

Several common stone disease prevention and treatment

1, the rust

The key is to prevent rust after processing in the stone surface treatment to be effective to prevent oxidation of iron minerals seeping surface, the general use of oil-repellant.

Rust is mainly dealing with rust, but rust removers are mostly acidic, so do not acid-resistant stone such as marble, dolomite, should be tested before use, dilute with water if necessary.

2, water spots, wet mark

If injected into the resin to prevent water Banzhu make the stone water to block moisture in the air within the material with stone or cement contacts, reducing the chemical reaction conditions.

If the use of treated water Banzhu penetration dye to change the color of the original stone, wet marks quit can be regarded in the international stone conservation is a major problem.

3, white bloom, commonly known as the tears flow

The prevention of white bloom is mainly used in stone processing penetrate protective agent after the six-sided protection for stone processing.

Dealing mainly with white bloom rinse the stone surface has been cleaned to achieve neutral so far, dried and then the stone surface and joints for conservation treatment.


If serious damage to stone surface gloss disappears phenomenon. If you encounter such a situation, you need to use the Du Bishi polishing powder + f66 True Light polishing agent.Polishing powder containing oxidants, such as aluminum oxide or tin oxide fine particles, the main ingredient containing surface active material is not acid oxidation. Suitable for hand-polished hotel buildings bathroom, small kitchen area of ??the surface, and polishing machine is used for large matte areas, specific practices are as follows

1, to ensure the surface is dry, not too repellant protection, if necessary, first with a neutral detergent to clean the surface, so that the stone surface clean and dry, polished ready for the next step.

2, the liquid drug to withdraw key will polish the stone surface, then sprinkle with the same amount of polishing powder, per square foot (0.093 square meters) of the stone surface with a half spoon of liquid polishing powder and polishing agent.

3, with 100 - 140 lbs floor grinding machine or by hand grinding machine (1500 - 2500 rev / min) with a white nylon pad, wool pad for polishing, the polishing surface need to be addressed. Each polished 6--8 square feet (0.56 - 0.74 m2), until the brightness recovery.Generally a can (0.5kg) can be polished 200 square feet.

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