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Environmental remediation welcome Yunfu Stone exhibition in October

Yunfu Stone exhibition in October, environmental remediation welcome event. Not long ago, Yunfu Stone Hall Expo Center a normal business opening ceremony. Mayor Huang Qiang, Cui, vice mayor of every pool offered his congratulations.Eighth China (Yunfu) Stone Technology Exhibition will also be the first time this year October 21-23 at the River Street is located in Yuncheng, Yunfu Stone Expo Center.

Recently, a good image in order to meet the stone exhibition, called Cloud City departments to carry out the River Street in front of Stone Expo Center environmental remediation, requires fully completed by September 20, Yunfu Stone and Stone Expo Center in front of the store billboard plant transformation , intensify law enforcement agencies around the stone renovation business management order to enhance the Expo Center in front of the Stone Yunfu Stone Jeeves plant operations and the behavior of chaotic pendulum misplacing remediation. In the renovation process to fully communicate with local businesses to "Yijiangdaibu" measures towards the stone support and cooperation of business owners.

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