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Yongding Red G696

Place of Origin: Fujian Yongding
Bulk density: 2.59 g/cm3
Water absorption: 0.33%
Compressive strength: 134.2Mpa
Flexural strength: 11.8Mpa
GB Code: G696

Yongding Red g696 red granite structure is dense, hard texture, stable performance, bright colors, meticulous uniform lattice pattern, clear according to their structure can be divided into fine-grained, medium-grained, coarse, bright as a mirror after polished feel strong, gorgeous and noble decorative effect, fine cut sheet solid quaint decorative style, and a large area to use no obvious color. Be processed into the desired shape and other characteristics, its use is unrestricted, popular in the construction industry, construction and decoration industry, high quality building stone.

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