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What Are the Edge Options of the Marble or Granite Countertop?

Many people long to have granite countertops for their kitchen and bathroom. In fact, granite countertops have attracted stylish people and have become one of the hottest fashions of today's kitchen & bathroom remodeling projects. Automated fabrication technology has helped greatly in manufacturing high quality edge detailed granite at more affordable price. There are many choices of granite colors, designs, surface textures, and patterns to choose from. Granite countertops are available in different edge profiles to meet your need.

There are some standard edge options of granite available in the market. You can also get other edge options upon request. Some of the granite edge options are as follows: 1/4 Round, Bevel, Pencil Round are Level 1 edge options of granite. Cove Bullnose, American Ogee, Square, Demi Round, Double Eased , Ogee, Demi Bullnose/Oblique, Double Bevel are Level 2 edge options of granite. Ogee Bullnose, Chiseled, Rounded Bevel, Knoll, Triple Waterfall 6CM Stacked Edges are Level 3 edge options of granite. Stacked Bullnose and Stacked Double Eased are level 4 edge options of granite. Stacked Double Ogee and Stacked Ogee Bullnose are level 5 edge options of granite.

Straight, 1/4 Round, 1/4 Bevel, Reverse Bevel, Demi Bullnose, Half Bullnose, 1/2 Bevel, Full Bullnose, 1/4 Bevel Top & Bottom, Ogee, DuPont, Cove Ogee/Royal and Cove are some of the popular edge styles of granite. Ogee, Dupont, Flat Ogee, Cove Dupont, Ogee Bull, 1/2 Ogee, Waterfall, Hollywood Bevel, Cove, Platner, Stair Tread, Cove Ogee, Cove Bullnose, Double Bullnose and Deep Ogee are examples of premium edge designs. Granite countertops in Houston are available in edge options such as Squared, Bevel, Half Round, Bullnose, Roman Ogee, Ogee w/Bull, Double Ogee, Triple, etc. Rounded, Bullnose and Ogee styles of granite edge give you more comfort. Moreover these edge styles have the least probability of getting damaged when compared to the squared-off edge style.

The granite countertop edge option you choose must complement the style of your kitchen. The edge of granite countertop can be requested for any shape that you need. The price of each edge style depends on the amount of labor required to make it. However the exact choice of edge style available in a company will not make drastic change in the price of your granite countertop.

The granite countertop edge gives the finishing touch to your countertop and will also add personal elegance to your countertop design. With so many granite edge options available in the market, you are sure to choose the perfect style for your kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop. Some granite manufactures and contractors offer popular edge styles, premium edge styles and many additional edge styles of granite for a nominal charge that depends based on the shape and work completion time required.

There is no specific rule to choose a particular edge style. Whether you choose standard edge styles like round and straight edge styles or you choose more decorative edge styles like ogee edge style, the option is yours. You can browse through related website to view the various types of edge styles available in the market in order to choose one. You may also request for other choices that you need. Choosing the right edge style for your granite countertop will bring the look you expect and will compliment your countertop and room.

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