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Waste stone turned "culture stone"

Do not underestimate these quartz stone, marble waste, after processing will become a beautiful 'culture stone', alone, the annual income of up to 13 million yuan, 200 yuan per capita income of the village." Recently, under plant to observe the machine running conditions Lincheng Shixiagoucun party branch secretary, Stone Mountain, Ltd. responsible Zhaolian Xing said.

  Zhao Lianxing called "stone culture" is a new process stone, marble, quartz stone, granite and other stone scraps made of carefully processed, mainly for high-end interior decoration. Four years ago, Shixiagou village committee cadres in the township government under the unified organization, participated in the Beijing Stone Fair, at the beautiful stone, hot order transaction, so Shixiagou village committee cadres very inspiring: Stone box in which the stone groove stone is rich in resources of urban and rural; Shixiagoucun both east and west and Neiqiu adjacent Neiqiu also have more stone processing points; and Shixiagoucun several rooms in Beijing, the culture of stone processing Yixian companies to work for many years, has mastered a set of processing technology. These advantages Shixiagou why not take advantage? Guarding only a few acres of Huanggang thin, the days when will the poor is the head?

  Development of "cultural stone," the idea was born, the idea has been unanimously in favor of the village people. Thus, Zhao Lianxing so few people take the lead, raising 1.2 million yuan built "stone culture" processing enterprises, and employ more than 100 surplus labor to do the village workers, run from the Shixiagou first ever industrial enterprises.Currently, the village has developed "stone culture" processing enterprises 6, and the concentration of contiguous, forming a "culture of stone" processing area.

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