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The introduction of brown travertine tile

A new variety of tile - brown travertine were found. The new discovered brown travertine tile material belongs to granite stone series. Brown travertine tile is flesh red, the diameter of holes is 0.5 cm and irregular. The rete of brown travertine tile holes about 15% or so. Main mineral is potash feldspar, bed idiomorphism around 20% of dark minerals, rare brown travertine tile. Because it is thin, potash feldspar becomes intruded rockmagma, intruded magma contains large amounts of steam to make thin condition, causing the magma chamber and cannot escape, the unescaped vapour-liquid in rock formates holes.

The discovery of granite stone - brown travertine as a new member to stone family, and provides stone application a new materials. The physical properties of brown travertine is similar with grey travertine, but decorative characteristics and purpose is extensive, can be used for wall adornment or indoor decoration.

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