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« Stone refurbished crystal construction technologyOn the smooth surface of the stone surface 8 common methods »

Stone refurbished crystal construction technology

1, into a dry - the process in two cases of operation, ①the original stone joints of water stains, the use of far infrared light heating drying. ②other flat moisture, naturally dry. As a result, the phenomenon of water stains has been completely removed, both economical and reasonable, the customer is very satisfied.

2, to fill the crevice - with the seam method to solve the stone seepage is an important precautionary measures. Attention must be paid to filling work. Sealing material should be good adhesion, no powder, waterproof, grinding and polishing, the choice of Germany super marble crack tonic, according to the process of filling the gap filled (fill the same plane with the stone flat, To prevent omission.) And after two hours of dry curing.

3, leveling grinding and polishing - in view of the stone before done waterproof, resulting in stone discoloration, there is no direct use of leveling grinding method, but first with O # steel cotton, with special equipment for grinding wipe, grinding the stone Surface of the color layer, revealing the original white background. Luckily, because the degree of penetration of the protective agent into the stone is very light, only with the above program to receive a good effect, worry about the color problem has been governance. The second set of programs that use marble diamond grinding, water mill, step by step polished, prepared and not used.

4, rust yellow treatment - according to the overall program, the first serious place on the rust, with steel wool grinding, remove the surface rust, and then use a special marble derusting agent for rust. Rust process is as follows: clean surface dry and moist rust paste white paper towel plus rust agent cover plastic film seal deposited surface aging treatment 3 hours after cleaning with a neutral detergent in the wash with water (one can not remove the rust Trace can be reprocessed)

5, waterproof, protective - customers in order to avoid the future of the future of water stains, rust, and suffer other pollution, according to the program, the ground after the protection of the ground, drawing the original protection of discoloration of the lessons, choose several better waterproof Agent, take the same stone to do the experiment, on the one hand to check the protective effect, on the other hand check whether to change the color of stone, and according to the water to determine the amount of technology. After the preparation of the above, only a large area of ​​the ground for a protective treatment. Protection of the main focus on the following processes: ①clean stone. ②fully dry. ③uniform brushing protective agent, run through the stone, not leakage brush, not too much to prevent the accumulation of the former affect the protective effect, which affect the appearance and increase the difficulty of cleaning up. ④natural conditions, ventilation and drying more than 24 hours.

6, crystal treatment - after the above process, you can carry out the crystal treatment, the use of the Spanish crystal plus hardener, plus light agent in accordance with its use of process description, through the equipment pressure, low-speed grinding, so that the production of heat Reaction, so that the ground to form a non-slip hard mirror.


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