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Slate Floor Tiles

The selection of slates we offer are quarried in the heart of China . They are all back side calibrated to give a tolerance of +- 1mm on thickness and +- 0.3mm on sizes . This is a very important consideration when specifying natural slate . Tiles that are un-calibrated can add up to 40% extra on your installation and materials cost . On large areas this add up to a significant amount .
There are many slates currently available in the UK market. You have to be very careful on your choice as the quality varies quite considerably. Generally the slates from North Wales are the very best and most expensive. The Chinese slate is very close in terms of quality to the Welsh slate. The key to their durability is their low organic content, low porosity and high flexural strength. Of all the slates from Chinal we supply the black  is the most durable.
This slate is really suited to a busy family environment as it really can take severe punishment and still look stunning .
We have noted that kitchens seem to be getting bigger in terms of m2. Therefore we have introduced much bigger slate tiles of 600 by 900mm by 1.5cm thick.
Like for like we believe there are no real comparisons in terms of price and the quality of the stone
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