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STONE--the Beloved of Designers

On August 18, there was a wonderful salon for interior designers in DAD in Beijing. Three famous interior designers, Mr. Zhang Hongjun, Mr. Mu Gang, Mr. Wang Junqin, made different and wonderful speeches there. All of them showed their excellent work and unique ideas of design. The three different speeches had the same core--unique design comes from unique style. No matter in commercial places such as hotels and office buildings or private space such as big houses or apartments, all has their own style, luxury or low-profile, colorful or elegant, complex or simple. Material, no doubt, is one of the most important factors for an excellent style of design. Stone, obviously, is the most beloved of designers in their works. Glaring hotels, dazzling amusement Places, high-level restaurants and even warming space between you and me, where there is building, there is stone. Marble, artificial stone, mosaic, granite...various types of stone has been built into different shape, to match different place and style, which just like the little black dress of Chanel---fashionable, classical, the one for all-purpose. STONETECH 2012 in Shanghai, which insists the idea of "Stone, we need innovative and quality end? will be an amazing feast in the field of building, design, and building materials. What's more, for the better and benefit use of stone, STONETECH will give you more answers.

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