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Material of Granite Corian Quartz Countertop Comparisons


Homeowners have several choices for kitchen countertop materials. The most frequently purchased of these are solid materials such as granite, Corian or quartz counters. These thick, durable counters are roughly equivalent in price, which makes comparison between them available only on durability, maintenance and style. Learning the various characteristics of each of these materials will help you make a better decision about what to purchase for your home.

Granite is the name given to a group of natural stones with a crystalline structure and hard, durable surface. All stones labeled as granite have varying degrees of quartz, feldspar, silica and mica and may also contain minerals such as serpentine or calcite, depending on their origins.
Corian is the trademarked name of DuPont's solid surface counter material. It is made of plastic polymers that are poured into molds to form counters, sinks and coved backsplashes. Corian comes in a wide range of colors, all of which have color going straight through the counter, like granite or other stone materials.
Quartz countertops are made of up to 90 percent quartz stone mixed with resins and pigments. The resins hold the quartz together, filling in any voids in the stone and resulting in a uniform, solid surface with color that goes right through.
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