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Know the charm of natural stone

Who does not know the stone, you have to ask it? When the architects and building designers asked: Why do we have to use the stone cover building it? At this time, you can tell them: the use of stone is the right choice for you.

The charm of natural stone

Natural stone is a product of nature, its unique feature is the stone which the mineral species and determined. In all building materials, natural stone has its own unique position: Natural stone is a building materials can be made either used alone or combined with other materials to use. Natural stone is not a unified industrial products, on the contrary, it can show the existence of its own unique charm.

Ecological performance of natural stone

Natural stone in its natural state with almost close to the finished shape.Generation of natural stone in the historical process, the stone itself does not consume any energy, and only in the mining and stone processing stone production process only requires the use of energy. And processing of stone and the energy required is much less than other building materials, and mining of stone mostly smaller sizes of stone, no way of using a large quarry blasting. The mountain site of mining stone formation can be directly used to store stone. From natural stone mining, processing, to return to form a natural cycle.

Natural stone is environmentally friendly building materials

As a natural building materials, natural stone does not contain any harmful health risk elements. It can be directly used for processing areas. Natural stone is completely fire-retardant building materials, equivalent to DIN4102 Class A standard building materials.Even in the case of fire, natural stone and will not release harmful substances and gases.Natural stone in the building construction process and does not require chemical auxiliary materials, such as protective paint, preservatives and coatings.

Diversification of natural stone

There is no construction materials like natural stone with such rich colors and varieties, and this variety of stone surfaces in the different approach used is almost no limit, which for the architects and building designers a lot of the opportunity to display their abilities, so that they can enjoy the use of material imaginable.

Because natural stone has a strong optical and technical characteristics, the diversification of varieties of stone so as to provide a guarantee. Natural stone with a variety of colors, varieties and organizational structure, for architects and designers to choose. It can be said: People of the demands made by a variety of materials can be found in the corresponding natural stone products.

Natural stone is a unique building materials

Natural stone mining, generally large pieces of blocks in the stone processing plant was processed into the required shape. Natural stone sizes in length only by the limited size blocks, the production process is not standard size limit. Designers can design their own shape and size of stone design. Similarly, although the natural shape of the body not only rectangular and shaped, it can also be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the designer a wide variety of shapes. Modern stone processing machines employed are required to produce various shapes of stone, stone processing and the possibility of diverse and unique in a unique building materials.

Natural stone has a very good anti-aging properties

While many building materials because of long years of history lost its original appearance, the natural stone still retains its character, maintaining its presence. Many natural stone like fine wine, as with the age old can show its "elegant, noble." Natural stone is very easy to clean, simple and low cost. Even if the stone has a centuries-old ground you can easily re-polished, it restored to its original character. Very long service life of natural stone, through proper design and construction of natural stone buildings can be after a few thousand years.

Natural stone materials in the three-dimensional

In addition to boxy board, block stone, natural stone can also be made into any shape. In the processing of natural stone surface hole and slot, so that the surface of the stone showing a special optical and visual effects. In front of the building housing the use of natural stone, can make the whole building momentum even more ambitious, more three-dimensional structures, such as adding cross-foot line, protruding frame and column, etc., can make the building to achieve the perfect artistic effect.

The low price of natural stone

If you observe what a variety of building materials for more than 30 or 30 years the total cost of the case, we can see no better than other natural stone artificial high total cost of construction materials. From several different, unrelated surveys have reached the same conclusion. Long-term low maintenance costs and long service life and high investment costs compared to the price of natural stone is more advantageous, cleaning and maintenance costs are lower.

Natural stone cool, and promote energy

Natural stone has good thermal conductivity and high heat storage capacity, as the housing wall of the building materials, can be isolated from the summer sunlight, to prevent the indoor energy consumption is about 100 ~ 150kWh / m, and the glass wall of the building material in the heating and cooling energy consumption at 300 ~ 700 kWh / m².

Strong carrying capacity of natural stone

Many natural stone because of its high compressive strength and compressive strength gained the reputation of building materials. Only stainless steel materials, have the ability to respect the carrying capacity to compete with natural stone. Even the stone-paved floor, but also has a high capacity and low wear. Use of such hard granite stone paved, even after decades of years it is difficult to let people see signs of wear hemp.

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