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Indian Stone Material Status

At present, Indian Stone has already developed into a stone material production power in production and the processing doltish, the ground plate, the structure plate, as well as some use in installing and the fixed plate, the monument , the tombstone, the sculpture, the cultural relic, the pebbles, the curb stone and the botanical garden stone equipment.India has rich stone material resources.As to all kinds of construction stone material, India is one of greatest reserves places.Just as the granite, the marble, the sand and crushed stone, the limestone, the slate, the quartzite and so on,they have the distribution all over the land.They have many and varied colors, the design, the different characteristic, physics, the chemical characteristic, suit the different use: The outside, the interior, the.Indian stone material quality is excellent and well-known for its intensity.Its stone material's quality has achieved the world highest-level standard, already used in the world in several famous architectural engineering.India is also in the world the biggest stone material raw material producer country.Especially developed in south Lajiasitanbang and Gujilatebang this aspect, has the well-known stone material raw material Processing industry.

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