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How to Seal Granite Floor Tiles

Granite floor tiles are an elegant and durable addition to any home. Granite is harder and more durable than marble or limestone, but still brings the look and beauty of natural stone to an area. While granite is extremely dense, it can be damaged by repeated exposure to dirt, spills and stains. To help protect the stone, and give you time to wipe these substances up, seal granite floor tiles on a yearly basis.

Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris resting on the surface. Spray granite cleaner on the tiles once surface dirt has been removed, and mop with a clean sponge attachment to remove any spills or other substances from the tiles. Allow the floor to dry completely.

Pour a silicone-based, impregnating sealer onto the floor. Use a mop with a new sponge attachment to spread the sealer over the floor. Saturate the tiles in sealer so that the granite appears wet; look for and cover dry spots to ensure you cover the entire floor. Wait 10 minutes for the sealer to soak into the stone.

Dry the granite with absorbent, cotton cloths to remove excess sealer that has not been absorbed. Buff in a circular motion until the stone is dry. Change cloths whenever the cotton stops absorbing sealer to ensure an even finish on the floor.

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