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How to Glue Stones Together

How to glue stones together sounds interesting.However,it is not easy to do.Glues and constructive adhesive for stones together.Glue for smaller stone,the adhesive for larger ones.While both are waterproof.Pass small amounts of viscous jeweler glue or waterproof construction glue to every part of the from the stone write a toothpick and crafts stick.Wait at least a minute to glue activated by area in the stone stuck together remove any beyond the glue, stretch out a toothpick area or process stick.The painter tied tapes tightly around small stone to attach a clamp pressure on the big stone stone peace for at least 24 hours and sticky glue dry.Insert a glue stick into glue gun and plug it in a gun cardboard or other protective one-time surface to protect your job surface drops of hot melt adhesive.  

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