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How To Polish Granite Scratch

Among all the natural floor material,granite floor is the hardest and the most resistent material so far

Although the Granite Floor  is very hard, but it still could be scratched by the quartz.Through sand entering interior, the most main ingredient is the quartz.

The stream of people took a walk has ground the sand, it will cause it to turn a smaller pellet, the pellet presses to the granite surface will create the slight scratch.

This kind of scratch the influence is smaller than far to the granite to the marble the influence.Normal service nursing can reduce this kind of harm.

The nursing granite floor model's method is removes dust every day, cleans the floor every week according to the stream of people quantity one to two times, when clean uses the stone material soap. Seals the floor, maintains the floor luster. Then uses vacuums wet the law, also calls with the clear water clean floor to vacuum wet, may prevent water-damaged.   

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