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« Dignified, restrained black rock and its classCultural stone unique structure, where is the most appropriate decoration »

Floor countertop stone selection of different

One, should pay attention to high-quality stone to see the surface

Natural stone depends on the merits of the quality and processing technology. High-quality stone surface, does not contain too much variegated, cloth color average, no flickering thick situation, and the quality of the stone after processing there will be a lot of irreplaceable "defects", so that the stone surface Of the color tones is an important indicator of the quality of stone evaluation. If the processing technology and technology is not related to the processing of finished products will be caused by warping, depression, stains, stains, missing ridges, cracks, color lines, pit and other phenomena, such as stone is not really " Top grade ".

According to the special sales of imported stone figures, high-quality natural stone, should be cut off the edge of the board clean and no angle, smooth, high brightness, hand touch no sense of roughness.

Second, the ground decoration to avoid "Tianhundian"

Home decoration using stone, do not make the home "Tianhundian", you should choose those light color stone as a decorative material, can give a warm, quiet feeling, but also the effect of expanding the ground area.

From the species that should try to choose those wear-resistant, acid and alkali marble and granite stone. From the price point of view, the production of large light-colored granite series is relatively cheap, suitable for general income family to buy, replace the damaged department Ye Hao ingredients. From the plate specifications, the ground should try to choose granite sheet (8 to 12 mm), which is mainly to consider the ground strength and housing bearing two factors.

Third, the table color to be dirty

Stone decoration products into the home, more is made of all kinds of furniture table, which should take into account the pollution problem, and thus choose the color of some deep stone, like green, blue, red series of marble, granite can , Marble with those large patterns of the varieties, the decorative effect will be better.

Kitchen control table for the use of stone, should choose thick plate 25 mm, the best use of granite. As the granite in the kitchen too much acid, alkali environment, can be durable and yet color, and a considerable high strength.

Fourth, there is a set of pavement maintenance

As the decorative stone is a natural product, each piece of the pattern of the plate, glorious features are not the same, must be through the parquet (color), so that the pattern, glory gradually extended, transition, in order to achieve the overall color on the reconciliation. After making good colors, you should immediately number the number so that you can press it in place. No. can be used to paste the stickers or wood crayons written on the board, but should not use the liquid color pen on the stone surface painted symbols, otherwise, colored liquid infiltration of stone, will leave the traces of rubbing.

Installation, the first ground with a clean mud slurry smear a layer, and then use 1: 2.5 cement mortar to do the bottom, and tampered leveling, and then poured into the water slurry after the stone paste. The thickness of the cement mortar base layer is preferably not thinner than 20 mm, and it is not necessary to walk or press the weight within 8 hours after paving stone to avoid shell or ruggedness. At the same time must be noted that some of the entrance stone attached to the back of the plastic network, which patchy network must be torn before installation.

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