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Decoration stone colors

As society advances, the owners taste enhancement, is now used in stone home, commercial decoration also becoming more popular because a lot of natural stone colors, so we choose the stone, the color is very important. Choice of colors in home decoration stone, is based on the overall style of the decoration to choose, choose the color of stone decorated with the family's overall color and decoration style with the principle. One light, warm color is easier to grasp, with the overall Ye Hao.

For example, red symbolizes generally warm, welcoming, decorated with red granite hall, giving a festive feel to feel at home. White, gray and white clean and bright, suitable for bathroom and kitchen decor. Dark gray and black to give people a sense of solemn steady, with several shades of different colors and parquet, will prioritize and increase a sense of lively and coordination. Limited by the lighting, floor coverings appropriate to choose darker stone, beige or white more appropriate class; in the table decoration, in addition to the kitchen, the color should be bright, colorful stone patterns, such as "big flower green," " large gray "and so on. The kitchen countertops should be light color.

Round tables, lamps, tables, chairs and other stone products, due to frequent contact with everyday life, taking into account anti-pollution, such as tea, ink, fruit juice, wine and other pollution, and therefore, the color of stone to deeper, such as green, blue, red marble, Granite can be. Of course, to choose their own color preferences are also important.

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