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Clean Black Galaxy Granite

Granite is a beautiful material that can be used for countertops or floor tiles. Black Galaxy is an especially popular type of granite, as it is the hardest to stain, chip, or scuff. Although the material itself is quite durable, you will still need to clean it regularly to keep it looking great. Fortunately, cleaning your granite is fairly easy, and you won't need to work very hard to keep your granite in tip-top shape.

Instructions as follows:

Firstly, sweep all particulates away. If your granite is on the floor, use a broom and dustpan to get rid of all small particles on the granite. If your granite is on a countertop, use a hand brush or dry sponge to pick up any small particles.

Secondly, spray the granite with common household cleaner. Cleaners like 409, Windex and OrangeGlo all work fine to pick up any sticky spills on the granite tile.

Thirdly, pour lemon juice on tough stains that won't come up, to loosen them. However, it is important not to leave the lemon juice on for long, as its acidic properties can dull the Black Galaxy color.

Fourthly, use a razor blade to remove stuck-on gunk. If you have spilled some especially persistent material on the granite, like plaster, and it won't come up, you can use a razor blade to carefully scratch the material off. Since Black Galaxy is completely scratch resistant, you don't have to worry about the razor blade harming the granite.

Fifthly, use a granite countertop sealant. To prevent further spills from becoming a nuisance, you can seal your granite with a specially made sealant. The store where you bought your granite should be able to recommend a brand of sealant. The sealing process will vary depending on the manufacturer, so make sure to read the instructions on the label thoroughly before using.

Tips & Warnings

Be very careful if you use a razor blade to scratch off stuck-on stains as serious injury can result from improper use. Make sure to ware safety gloves and scrape away from your body.

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