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China's most expensive villa: All stone cost of one billion

This building single-family homes called "The Bund impression" covers about 33 acres (22,000 m2), construction area of ??about 5,000 square meters, floor area of ??2132 square meters, building space of about 30,000 cubic meters, 18.8 meters high. 2 floors of the building, basement level.

Without a brick masonry, the overall use of extra-thick solid granite hanging poured. Stone with about 10,000 tons, the largest single stone weighing 35 tons. Outside of the "Tao Ran Square" is a 5000 15 cm thick natural granite paved. Pile a total of 740, plate thickness of 0.5 meters.

Clear height of 16.5 meters indoor hall, weather grand. Indoor 12-meter-high by the 10 classical columns support from the building, imposing extraordinary, fine hand-carved stone patterns on a total length of 2700 meters.

All building facades built by the all-natural granite material, emphasizing the column, the vertical length windows, with large overhangs and other buildings at the top means in order to create a rich body. Look rich, full flavor of modern building, shaped like the Federal Reserve Building.

Shape from the outside, using the classic proportions of the scale, refining the classic elements, emphasizing the head, body, base, highlighting the architectural detail without losing the integrity.

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