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Can prevent the generation of echo, sandstone is a very ideal modern decorative stone

The twenty-first century is the return of mankind to nature, anti-rustic, the pursuit of green living space of the century. People after years of effort, and finally in nearly a hundred stone varieties found no radioactive material green building materials, a very beautiful texture of the sandstone. Natural, strong, clear texture, smooth lines, and some like mountains, and some like water, and some like grain, and some like waves, and some like birds, and some like beasts, and some like characters, thousands of things, Once again reproduce the picturesque picture of Yunnan marble. Some products have a high collection value. As a decorative stone, can be divided into white birch, beech wood, mountain pattern, the ring pattern, all kinds of wood. Colors are yellow, white, gray, red, brown, blue and other colors. The product is polished by matte, just to meet the contemporary people on the stone products matte fashion trends. After the spray, frosted treatment showed a three-dimensional effect. The product is made of fireplace, like wood non-wood, because the sandstone texture is very similar to Sen wood, not afraid of roast, not deformed. The mouth of a strong breathable, sound absorption, moisture absorption, can be adjusted in the dry and humid air, in the wet air to absorb excess moisture, in the dry air to release the humid air. At the same time there is a good sound-absorbing function, used in the opera house, lecture hall, hall, sports venues and other public places will not produce an echo, is a very ideal modern decorative stone. Many well-known foreign gymnasium, the cathedral are extensive use of sandstone to prevent the generation of echo.

In many sandstones, the sandstone series is like natural stone from nature. She inherits the natural qualities of natural sandstone, and avoids the defects of natural sandstones through advanced technology and craft. The sandstone has imitation rock texture, The surface of its added rough, the atmosphere of the charm, publicity, bold color to highlight its sense of dignity. Artificial sandstone is the use of it is not pondering and infinite charm characteristics, combined with the traditional process of sandstone raw materials, and through modern technology processing, made into a delicate and distinctive texture of art sandstone products, known as the art of sandstone.


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