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Artistic Stone Mosaic

When it comes to the stones, we would know that they are ancient art forms, which have actually outlasted whole civilizations. They’re indeed a true art form, equally popular with ancient kings and modern homeowners. Moderns are made with hard stone , notably quartzite, one of the most versatiles around. Most of the modern pattern mosaics you see are made of the dazzling stone.
In fact, mosaics and stone are a good match of media.s are designed step by step as pictures, and then reproduced in stone. This can be very demanding work, requiring tiny pieces of stone to produce color effects and shades. The pieces of the mosaic are painstakingly laid, one at a time.
Complex mosaics may require thousands of pieces of stone. In some cases even small gems are used to produce highlights, echoing classical techniques. Abstract or pattern mosaics may use much larger stones, creating mosaic features throughout the stonework. The most popular commercial designs are symmetrical features, using templates to create a series of designs in the stone tiling.
So when you own the stone mosaic, you also own the mosaic art, no matter in the ancient or modern time.s are a highly developed art form. The main exponents of mosaic art for stone flooring in its original form were the Romans, who used them as features throughout huge buildings. The Pompeii mosaics are almost at the standard of portrait art, using tiny colored stones to make startlingly lifelike pictures of people and legendary characters. The early Christian church revived them as decorative features in cathedrals, and Islamic art created masterpieces of floral designs. While modern mosaics have taken on a range of artistic forms, including large portrait-styles and the highly stylized forms of patterned stone used by designers, which can include very complex interwoven patterns and separate picture pieces.

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