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About Paving Stone

Stones used to pave the road.

Most people are familiar with paving bricks, but there are other options worth checking out. Paving stones may provide just the right look for your home improvement project. 

Choose pavers - which are more durable than regular brick - for paths, driveways and patios. 

Decide what shape and color you want. All of the materials come in reds, grays, and browns, as well as whites, mottles, and some in greens and blues. 

Decide what kind of base you want. Sand is good but tends to erode in areas with a lot of rain. Gravel works well but can be tough on bare feet. Concrete keeps the weeds at bay and remains permanent, but may tend to crack over time and takes a lot more work to put in. 

Look at the area you'll be paving. Do you prefer the traditional herringbone pattern of brick pavers or the stepping-stone look of round slabs? Do you like a honeycomb pattern or the random, incidental look of crazy paving? 

Determine how many square feet of area you need to cover. 

Consider precast paving slabs. These cast concrete units are available in a huge variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes.

Reuse broken chunks of concrete or natural stone to create crazy paving. These work well for paths and patios. The irregular borders won't allow for an exact fit in a confined area, however.

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