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Improve Stone Culture

How to improve stone culture connotation? The industry experts hold the view that take the industrial design as a leader, go with the exquisite development road. That is to say, take the design as the leader, develop different needs which can adapt to the society and the economic level, cultural background under the condition. Industry insiders believe that through the methods, like the injection with new and high science and technology, strengthen personnel training, and other means to designs into integration, lot sizing, form a complete set to change the batchs. Visual perception will give material, structure, form, color, surface processing, etc., make product has new quality, new image, impress consumers and approval, is the pursuit of stone industry design personnel. It should be said that the of the connotation of culture and arts discover is in innovation itself, which is the developing of mini-sculpture traditional, as well as the prelude of new stone products.

Based on the progress of science and technology, the functionalization, intelligent and efficient fine functions of stone processing machinery basically can meet the design requirements, the production of various kinds of adornment is decorated with stone and stone products. 

The expert thinks that the problem that the industry faces at present is to grasp the trend of stone material consumption, segmentation stone market, to provide more cultural and artistic connotation of products, expand the market for these products awareness and reputation, so that can improve the product added value, and at the same time can broaden the stone application space and market space. In a certain sense, promote stone culture art content is to inject vitality of the stone.


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