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Marble Interior Decoration and Collocation

Marble variety, color is ever-changing, but also has a very artistic texture and color. Different marble can reflect the different spatial texture. Marble as a decorative material is the easiest to show and enhance the decorative taste and effect. Therefore, more and more consumers favor marble this material.

Different decoration interface suitable for different decoration.

Ground Decoration

Paving in the form of paving, should pay attention to color with the direction and arrangement. The use of marble natural texture, you can change the interior space shape, contrast, add a vivid decorative effect, and can change the spatial scale of the visual. The vertical texture is decorated to make the space appear visually high, while the horizontal texture can increase the width of the space. Rough, large texture can also reduce the space. The small pattern will make a small space to expand.

Wall Decoration

In the wall, the linear texture of the marble to do horizontal extension. People feel smooth, and reduce the space height. If the texture is tilted at an angle, it will give space flexibility. Different texture paving with different ways, giving people a different visual experience. Marble as a wall material, not only to protect the appearance of the building, but also to maximize the use of marble decorative features space.

Wall decoration is more flexible than the ground, such as the whole wall, or the fireplace surface, through different shapes, as well as the gap of the space, make the surface rugged, so that the space full of rhythm. Can also be processed through different processes. The main pillar is to play the role of load-bearing, abrupt cement column destroyed the aesthetics of interior decoration. In interior decoration, the column decoration is also very important, with marble as a pillar of cement is unmatched by other materials.

In addition to the decoration of the building itself column, usually with the way to split the package space, especially in European-style.

Bathroom Decoration

As the bathroom space in a humid environment, for the material waterproof and moisture-proof performance requirements, marble waterproof moisture performance has undoubtedly become the customer's first choice, the marble is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, decorative effect is also very good, largely landscaping space.

Light-colored marble is more tolerant Slightly lighter soapy water pollution than some dark marble. It is generally not recommended in the bathroom and bathroom black and other dark marble, marble so that the degree of pollution is relatively small. Bathroom space is mainly biased in favor of color elements elegant cool color, to show cleanliness. Marble has a high decorative value, both as a bathroom paving, but also as a decoration, what a wonderful effect. In fact, regardless of the marble applied to what place, should pay attention to the convergence and transition between materials.

In addition, it should be noted that different interfaces should adopt the appropriate construction methods. In particular, several major interface to take a unified material, but also should pay attention to how to distinguish, so that the entire space unification.

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