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Marble Decoration Tips for Home Life

Natural marble goes through the mulberry fields and changes over time. Every stripe has a story. Each stone is a unique orphan product. With the natural texture, smooth and moist texture, whether it is a large area used in the living room, bathroom, kitchen space, or home accessories, many families can find traces of it. So, how do you decorate the marble of  your home life?

Marble + Metal
In the living room , marble and metal are matched, and a large area of gray marble and metal sandwiches make the entire space both atmospheric and warm.

The combination of marble and warm-colored metal in the bathroom space balances the cold feeling brought by the large area of Grey tone, making the bathroom both high and warm.

Marble + Logs
In the bathroom , the marble of the large area of the wall is neutralized with the color of the wood of the wooden cabinet, which is not only stable but also adds a large area of warmth to the bathroom.

Marble + Black Hardware
The black U-shaped water pipes are highlighted by the all-white cabinet, and the lines are more prominent, becoming the visual focus of the entire kitchen. Bring all the debris into the cupboard and store it. If you have a large space at home, you can try it out.

So many tips, have you got it? More marble products in Newstar Stone.


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