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[installation Raiders] Marble Background Wall Installation

The TV background wall is one of the important elements that reflect the home style. The stone with natural texture is used to make it gorgeous and natural. So how much do you know about the installation of marble walls? What are the precautions for installing a marble wall?

1. First, the size of the TV background wall should be taken into account. It can be determined based on the size of the TV and the size of the entire space. As for the size of marble, it is usually assembled with 80-cm stone slabs, which is relatively easy to transport and install. However, some owners choose a large slab.

2. Ensure that the wall surface is clean, free of floating soil, and floating dust. Then, according to the construction drawings, draw lines on the wall to pull the entire horizontal line and vertical control line.

3. According to the construction drawings, the fixture is buried in the wall and the keel is attached to the fixture. The keel is required to be securely mounted and level with the wall.

4. After the marble slab is installed, the gap between the board and the board is glued. First, clean the dust and impurities in the gaps, and stick the adhesive tape on the edge of the board to prevent the glue from contaminating the marble surface. After the glue is applied, smooth and straight seams are required.

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