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How to Buy an Elegant Marble Dining Table

The marble dining table is a dining table with marble as the main table. It has the characteristics of marble, high hardness, stable material, no magnetization, can use a longer period of time, and is uniquely decorative in appearance, with noble and elegant temperament. Use the marble dining table to make the entire restaurant look upscale and gorgeous.

marble dining table pic1

Marble dining table buying tips:
1. Listening with your ear
When we look at whether it is a dining table made of great marble, the sound we make when we knock it by hand is crisp and sweet. On the contrary, the texture is so poor that the marble table is rough.

marble dining table pic 2

2. Look at the surface work
The merits of work directly affect the quality of marble tables. A good marble table shows that the touch is smooth and smooth, and even if it is scratched gently, it will not show any scratches. And the surface gloss of marble is high enough to see the figure. If it is a mosaic product, you can also see that the mosaic site will not have any inappropriateness. For consumer purchases, work is an important factor in determining the price of marble tables.

marble dining table pic3

3. Look at the material
In general, the fine stone has a uniform fine structure and looks very textured. Pay special attention to the appearance of cracks in the stone, once you find that there is such an image in the inside, we must remove it, because it is easy to break. However, it is necessary to distinguish between cracks and patterns.

If you want to learn more about marble dining table, please continue to follow or contact Newstar Stone.

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