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Grey galaxy wood marble

Grey galaxy wood marble is new white marble with grey veins, white background with deep and light gray texture, veins moves with horizontal way. It’s suitable for various areas of decoration. Large areas of flooring and wall, such as the texture of marble used in the hall, it looks very spectacular. Meanwhile, small areas of application, such as bathroom wall and floor, it will look elegant and special.

This marble available many blocks and big slabs in stock, can be produced into marble tiles floor and wall, stairs, countertops, bar tops, table top, columns etc. anywhere. Surface: polished, honed, sandblasted, brushed etc. Customize sizes and surface for different projects, and standard sizes for wholesale all over the world.

Each block of grey galaxy wood marble is unique, some of the background with a little light gray, and with gray crystal lines, some marble slab with very strong grey veins, they are looks distinctive, favored by designers. It can be used in hotels, villas, homes, commercial buildings, public areas, etc. with acceptable price and comparable to high-grade white marble in Italy.


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