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Black Horse Luxury Stone

Black horse stone is a new black luxury granite stone, dark grey and black basic colors fused together, with a spectacular white galactic texture, looking like a wild black horse running, also like a river in the night, and full of infinite conceit. How spectacular marble, bring luxurious feeling, you deserve to have. 

The hardness of this black stone is very good, like natural quartzite, good compression and folding performance, not easy to absorb water, long service life, can be widely used for areas.

This black luxury stone is commonly used for high level flooring and wall decoration, such as hotel, villa, restaurant, home etc. It also can be kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, stairs, anywhere you want to decorate. High-grade stone material can raise the class that whole decorates greatly. Special stone color and texture, black and white classic color, can match all kinds of furniture very well.

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