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Aran White Granite

Aran white granite is quarried from Brazil, also named Bianco antico granite or Snow fox white granite which is white background accented with black pattern, patches of cream beige, also a little black pots.Anyway, it looks fabulous, suitable for your home decorating.

Stone-export offer you both granite slabs and cut to size tiles, widely used to hotel, home interior floor, such as living room, stair steps etc. When used to bathroom or kitchen, maybe it’s great to choose a same material of countertop. Complimenting many design styles, gorgeous and high durable appearance, this versatile granite is perfect for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. 

Different from other white granite, Snow fox white granite has good transmittance, when lighted, cream parts of slabs seperate from black lines, like a natural picture, people are attracted by it’s peculiarity, common apply such granite as background wall to make space more mystirious. But special as natural stone, there’s no same granite slabs from one block, we need to accept diverse veins of stone. Now, we talk about it’s price, in short, it’s quality worthy the reasonable price.


Welcome to find to know more about aran white granite.


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