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16 Anniversary Celebration of Newstar Stone

May 19th, 2018 is a special day,in the mature season of Yangmei, we ushered in the 16th anniversary celebration of Newstar Stone.

Say hard people will always get a lot of fruit. This is probably the best praise for Newstar people. Thank you all for your support and companionship. Then let us reward you with more passion and better service. This time, Newstar will show you different styles, different celebrations.

Happy 16 Anniversary, Newstar Stone

We accompanied the sunshine and we all sang songs to the farm. There were Yangmei and Litchi in the mountains. It was a harvest season. We are accompanied by sweat, picking baskets to pick fresh and bright red bayberry, and let us enjoy our delicious food. The sweetest fruit was eaten, the most beautiful scenery was seen, and the most beautiful Newstar people were also in the company.

Happy 16 Anniversary - Pick Yangmei

At the next stop, we arrived at the South Fort and saw the history of this land, experienced the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs, and felt grateful for the good we have today. Do not forget the past and live in the moment.

Happy 16 Anniversary -  South Fort

The Newstar Stone people are a team, a collective, completed various projects for countless partners, let us cheer for Newstar Stone and cheer for our better tomorrow.


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